Considerable Content is back after a long period without any real blog activity. Our original goal was to learn game development by jumping in with both feet and just going for it.

So what happened?

Short answer is that I think we progressed too quickly. Sounds like the words of a braggart? Allow me to explain.

In 2011, our first year, we quickly expanded our skills and came to understand the basics of game development. When we felt ready we launched into creating The Establishment. We successfully created the basis for a first level and uploaded it to a new website.

Our original goal was to create an ongoing project and add new techniques and ideas to it on a regular basis. We created our first level successfully and moved onto the development for two more levels (which we plan to release when we have time). Each level presented a new challenge that we overcame and each level increased in development time. This quickly overwhelmed our original time estimates where each level would only have small changes. By the second level the entire character design had changed, the animation system, textures, and models. Everything moved too quickly. The key problem is that learning new skills moves in leaps and bounds. Rather than small predictable steps.

Our second year was a mess. Recently having finished university I put Considerable Content aside and focused on my work as a researcher and my search for a full time job. During this time I learnt how Unity could be used as an Architectural visualisation tool and I refined my 3D skills with an eye to Urban Design.

It quickly became apparent that my strange skill set precluded me from finding proper employment. After a mountain of applications and a disastrous period of trying to negotiate with a graphic design firm I decided that I my time could be better spent on creating my own opportunities.

Cargo Chaos (then called Fail Freighter) was a project we had created earlier that year (as a 48 hour experiment). We decided there were enough legs on the project to push into full development. At the same time Unity was offering a new animation system that would allow Scott and I to step out into games with fully animated characters from a 3rd person perspective.

I did a complete overhaul of Cargo Chaos and made sure that all objects were adjusted for a high definition display. I improved on the user interfaces and designed new cargo and ways to play that would transform this quick project into something we could release commercially. After discussions with Scott we decided on a release during mid 2013.

I also began work on the design document and concept art for another game, Delivery (a working title). Both Delivery and Cargo Chaos were chosen because both would give us experience in different types of development and on different platforms. Delivery was an old concept of mine with a focus on my own love of exploring and jumping around like a fool in almost every game. With my job hunt temporarily paused I threw myself into these projects. This set the stage for our biggest step, Penny Arcade Expo Australia.

I have been a Penny Arcade reader for years and have always wanted to attend a PAX event. I have a tremendous respect for everyone at Penny Arcade and everything they have accomplished. When they announced PAX Australia I purchased my 3 Day pass the day they were available. Scott was also looking into what opportunities PAX offered for developers. It wasn’t long before we heard that PAX was allowing space for independent developers.

Cargo Chaos was moving quickly and the concept art for Delivery was rapidly becoming a more solid project. We decided that PAX would be a fantastic opportunity to throw our caps over the wall and set ourselves some hard deadlines.

We made our application using a playable demo of Cargo Chaos and concept art/design concept for Delivery. Initially our expectations were low but we were given a place at the expo. I changed my plans for 2013 based on this development and pushed into full design mode. I currently work full time to bring Cargo Chaos and a demo of Delivery to PAX Australia 2013. Using my savings I put off the job hunt and applied myself to creating something coolpants.

This is a very exciting period for me and I hope that I will be able to bring something really interesting to the table for everyone to play.