First, I want to say that my blog posts for Days 1 through 3 will be a more technical and in-depth description of what I accomplished each day. This post will be about what the game is or what we wanted to do on the whole.

The basic idea we had for Cargo Chaos before starting work on it was that it would be a 2D action puzzle game where the object of the game is to load up a cargo ship with various different types of cargo at one port and then try to make it to the next port with as much cargo left as possible. There are many different types of cargo with different shapes and attributes and the puzzle of each level comes from how best to load the cargo up on the ship as well as keeping it there along the way. Once you have set sail, you face the challenge of having to try and keep the cargo on the ship while it goes over waves of different heights and frequencies.

The score you end up with is based on how much cargo you keep on your ship and for how long. Your score is always ticking up and your multiplier determines by how much. Your multiplier increases over time up to the number of pieces of cargo you have on your ship at the time, but if you drop any, the multiplier goes back to one and starts counting up again.

We decided that we wanted to try our hand at the challenge of making a game within 48 hours and Cargo Chaos sounded like a good candidate. There are quite a few competitions that ask competitors to make a game from scratch in 24 or 48 hours but we didn’t find any that were coming up soon so we decided to just have a go at it ourselves. Trying to make a game in 48 hours turned out to be a lot of fun and we will definitely be having a go at upcoming competitions.