Heart On Your Sleeve

Platforms: Web, PC, Mac
Current stage of Development: On hold
Estimated release date: N/A

Heart on your sleeve was a game created in 48 hours during the 2013 Global Game Jam. The theme for this jam was the sound of a heart beating. We translated this into the concept of racing against the clock to get your own slippery disembodied heart to the hospital.

The central component of this game was an unpredictable and squishy organ along with the player’s strange arm. We put most of our focus into creating an interesting mechanic where the challenge came from learning how to manipulate the characters arms so as to throw and use the heart effectively.

To play the game in the state that it was in after the Global Game Jam (with some minor fixes after the enter), please use this link.

Note: For best results play in a 16:9 ratio, in full screen mode (right-click the web player) and with headphones on.

To view our Global Game Jam page for Heart On Your Sleeve, please use this link.

Images 1-3: Screenshots from the game

Images 4: The award we got for Heart On Your Sleeve at the 2013 Global Game Jam held in Melbourne, Australia.